Hair Happy – Inspirational Video for Kids

As children grow up, there can be times when self esteem takes a toll on how they view themselves. With so many different races and ethnicities, it is hard to find two children who look the same.

The popular children’s show, Sesame Street, famous for inspirational and motivational messages for kids, has put out a video embracing the differences in young girls.

Earlier this month, the show’s YouTube page posted a video “I Love My Hair”. Starring a young Muppet girl with an afro, this video sends a positive message to young black girls about their hair.

Joey Mazzarino, head writer of the show and Muppeteer, wrote this song for his own daughter. Joey and his wife adopted their 5-year old daughter from Ethiopia when she was only 1. As she began to play with dolls like all the other little girls, he noticed that she wanted to have long blond and straight hair, just like that of the dolls.

Joey realized that all parents of black girls must come across similar issues at one point in time or another. He wanted to send a message to his daughter, and other black girls out there, that their hair is great and versatile. There are so many different hairstyles they can do and so many ways they can make it unique.

Joey has been getting rave reviews from women of all ages about the song. He has been amazed that this simple song for his daughter has touched the lives of girls, teenagers and adult women around the world.

This video sends a great message to girls and women that beauty is diverse and comes in many different forms.

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