Got Questions? Educators, Now You Can Look to Facebook for Answers!

Facebook can be a great tool for finding answers to questions. What band are all your friends listening to? How is that new restaurant that opened down the street? These questions can be answered with a wall post or a status update, but Facebook has finally released something even easier.


With Facebook Questions, users can ask questions to the entire Facebook community. The application allows you to get more answers and information from a wider range of people. Only serving as a beta product, Facebook Questions is currently available to a limited number of people.

With over 500 million users of Facebook, there is sure to be enough answers to your one question. This tool would serve a great purpose when traveling to new places and trying to learn new information and advice on the local area.

There is a button at the top of the homepage called “Ask Question”. All you have to do is click it and ask your question. It’s that simple. Once you ask the question, you can add photos or a poll to go along with it. The photos can give a more detailed look into your question and the poll can provide you with a more visual display of user opinions.

Questions and answers will be made public for everyone to see. By tagging it to a specific topic you can better specify what target and what type of interests the people who answer your question have. Tagging also allows other users to browse more questions about the topic they are researching.

Functions that allow you to be alerted when a new answer is posted will help you stay informed on your question and related topics. This is a great way to learn more about your interests as well as other topics you may have not thought of before.

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