Google Sheets and Google Form for kids

Google Sheets and Google Form are best used by upper-elementary children and older, but some of the basic concepts can be used for younger children.  Sheets allows users to create data tables and graphs.  This is great for math and science projects.  Children can enter data from a problem or information that they have collected and then put it in a table to then convert into a graph.

Google Form makes a connection with Google Sheets.  It is used to create a form in order to collect data.  While I see this tool being used more by a teacher, it would be a great tool to collect data for the science fair or for all activities that require the collection of data.  This data can then be analyzed and used to create a table and graph in Google Spreadsheet.  For fun and practice, you could create your own experiment at home that you could use Form to collect the data and Spreadsheet to graph it.

An example project would be to grow seedlings in your house.  You can change one of the variables like amount of sunlight or type of liquid you feed it (water, soda, juice, etc.).  You could then measure the heights of the different plants.  The information can be collected in a form that you set up and then transfer to a spreadsheet data table that can be turned into a line graph that measures the data over time.

How can you see using this program with your children?  Check back later this week for the last post in our series on Google Presentation and Google Map.

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