Google Presentation and Google Maps

Google Presentation and Google Maps are excellent tools for kids to use on their computers and mobile devices.

Google Presentation is used to create visual presentations that can be accessed for your children to provide a unique display for a speech that they do in school. Instead of using PowerPoint, this is a great, creative alternative. There are slide background templates, transitions, and fun colors that can be used to make the presentation engaging. One advantage to this program is it is easier to integrate YouTube videos and pictures from Google that with other software options.

While adults typically think Google Maps is used to find directions, it can actually be used by children for school projects to mark points and trails. It is great for geography and history classes. They can mark Christopher Columbus’ voyages and even annotate and change the pin markers to explain in detail for a school project.

Combining Google Presentation and Google Maps together can make for a unique and informative presentation in school. You can actually embed the map into the presentation.

For a home learning project, you could have your child do a presentation about his or her family tree. They could use Google Maps to pinpoint and annotate locations and paths of relatives. They could then research the background of their relatives and put it into a presentation adding in the map as one of the slides.

What types of presentations and maps can you envision creating with your children? I hope you enjoyed this series on how to utilize Google Drive for school and home learning projects.

Photo by: Google

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