Google Document and Google Drawing

Google Document and Google Drawing are great tools for kids to use to learn how to create and edit documents.  Google Document is a simple version of Microsoft Word with basic word editing features, formatting, and tables.  The online access for creation and the ability to make it automatically save data makes it easy for children to learn and use. It is used for creating documents like papers, letters, newsletters and to type responses for homework questions.

Google drawing is fun for kids of all ages. It is similar to the paint program that is within Windows. Children can “color” digitally and create anything their imagination desires using the various tools and colors. Text, shapes and pictures can also be included. For a more structured approach, your child can use the drawing program for school projects. For example, they could draw the butterfly, water cycles or a concept map.

To combine the two online document and drawing programs together in a fun home learning activity, you could have your child draw a picture that could then be used to write a story. You could also use a template to make a family recipe that they could then draw the food to include with the recipe. The ideas are limitless.

How have you used Google Document and Drawing with your children for their schoolwork? Have you found it to be better than using a software program? Look back next week as we continue this series on using Google Drive for school work and home learning.

Photo by:  Google

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