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For some children, working on group projects is not always their favorite thing to do. Some kids do not always speak up, while others seem to take the leadership role and do most of the work.

Google Docs is an excellent tool that can be used in many situations. So many people have already integrated this tool into their lessons and projects. This video features educators and children who talk about their experiences using Google Docs.

Educators talk about how it gives the children control over what they are doing. With access from any computer, they are able to work on their assignments virtually anywhere. Whether they are out from school, on vacation or working from home, they can stay up-to-date with assignments and group projects.

Real kids express the ease they have had using this tool. Instead of emailing documents back and forth between peers, they can work at the same time from different locations and see the change as it is happening. They can finish up in school from what they were working on at home and vice versa.

Educators explain how children don’t have to all watch as one person does the work. They can all work at the same time and each contributes their own work. They can also see when work is happening, for example if children are working night, that means they are still learning and educating themselves, even after school.

By making projects and assignments more interactive for children, they will become more engaged and excited to learn.

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