Go On a Safari of Learning!

A great way for children and curious young minds to learn about the worlds around them is to actually get into the surroundings. Field trips and other adventures are a great way to do so, but unfortunately this is not always an option for many people.


Planet Quest Alien Safari is a great interactive site for kids. It lets you go on an adventure by exploring different “life zones” around the world. By visiting these, you will find all different types of organisms that are living on our planet.

Children get to learn about what the organisms reveal about finding life in space. So, they will learn which can survive without sunlight, which have a high radiation dose, the most acidic and the ones that live the furthest underground, for example. By clicking on a life zone on the 3D Earth, you can watch a video introduction to that organism.

This website is a great research tool. You can use it to simply explore all the things around you, or use it as a starter for deeper learning and researching on a specific subject or topic. Kids can really get creative by writing stories and other works of writing based on the subjects and organisms they have been learning about.

With the music and interactive nature of the site, the everyone can get involved with learning about the various organisms. Go on a safari without leaving the room!

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