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While the winter Olympics is currently taking place in Vancouver, there are many opportunities for parents to take advantage of in their very own homes. You can incorporate educational and fun activities into the routine day of children. You can use the real events that you see on television to inspire you to make your own version of the games for some Olympic fun.

Create your own events!

Try hosting your very own Olympics. Whether it is with a group of children in your neighborhood, an after-school program, get the children involved. Create your own crazy games or use traditional ones like races and balloon tosses to get children to actively participate. Try making your own Olympic torches from rolled paper with tissue paper flames (red, yellow, orange). Having children make their own medals and awards is a great way for students to express creativity as well.

Start at the Beginning!

Having a lesson on the history of the Olympics would be a great activity for some older children. They can research the original games and see how they are still the same or how they are different. You can even have them create costumes or props that relate to the original Greek games!

Cheer your Team on!

Have your class pick a country and do an entire lesson on that country. You can follow the country’s Olympians and track their winnings. Make a vocabulary list of some Olympic Games and events for the students to practice.

Race Against the Clock!

For math games, try creating your very own “bobsleds” and measure the distance of how far they can go. Make figure skaters out of Popsicle sticks, freeze them in paper cups and test how fast they can go on a surface.

We’re All Winners!

Whatever you decide to do with your children, be sure to have an ending ceremony! Recap the Olympics with your classroom and a big celebration! Your children will be having so much fun, they won’t even realize that they’re learning, too!

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