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 AudioOwl offers free audio books for downloading

Free Audio BooksAudioOwl is a great resource for free high quality audio books. Audio books, like the ones found on this site, can serve as a great free resource for all teachers and students, especially with children who are not visual learners. Because children can hear actual language as a story is read aloud, audio books are a great way for them to get interested in storytelling. They are also helpful for parents of struggling readers or those who are not fluent in English.

On this site, you will find books of over forty categories! You can search for a specific book, author or key phrase. It even allows for previewing of the book before downloading so you can hear the reader’s voice. Because the books are in public domain, they are free for everyone to share and download!

There are also featured books on the main page that are the displayed because they have been recently popular with downloads. I previewed several of the books. The recordings are very clear and easy to follow along with. Some books are even offered in different languages.

When you do decide to download a book, you can either add it to your iTunes as a podcast or you can download it to your computer, which gives you an MP3 file for each chapter.

Parents would find AudioOwl useful for story time with a group or using it to practice reading along with their children. Instead of listening to their parent or teacher, children might also find it a nice change to listen to a story read to them by someone else. Whether you want to entertain a group with a good story, or engage them with a new reader, AudioOwl will get the job done.

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