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Parents and educators, just like any other group of professionals, are always looking for a place where they can connect with others that are in the same field.

Some people tend to overlook the power of Facebook, and the communities it can bring together. A great feature of Facebook is the groups. There are groups for almost anything you could think of. Teachers can find so many helpful groups just by browsing the site.

There are great groups that show how other instructors teach and feel about education. With tips, stories or fun advice, there are so many to choose from. It’s just another great way to connect with other educators.

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Just this month, a Florida teacher created a Facebook group to oppose the reading cuts that were happening in his school. The group was made so people could become aware of the reading cuts from the school and offer a forum for discussion. As with any other important issue, if people find topics that are important to them, they want to be able to discuss with others who feel the same way. Facebook groups offer a great way for educators to get together and discuss important issues.

Some great groups for educators to join include:

“You Know You’re a Teacher When.” This is a humorous group that lists typical characteristics and activities of educators. You can read the funny comments that are always added by fellow educators and see how much you can relate!

English Teachers Network This group is for educators in the English field. Teachers here share lesson plans, books and ideas, all to help others get the best out of their teaching.

Teachers’ Letters to Obama Since so many educators have ideas for President Obama, this group is a place to share feedback and concerns, and offer insight from the perspective of an educator.

With so many educators using Facebook, it is a great way to provide all sorts of great tools to make learning and administration easier. You can read through the group walls or check out the links, discussions or extra resources that each group provides.

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