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Lightning Bug is a site dedicated to giving you a place full of resources. These resources would be a great addition when you are teaching about writing and storytelling. The site describes itself as “your writing partner, helping you write a story from beginning to the end”.

lightning bug

Children will all have their own personal guides as they start to develop stories through the writing process. Resources that will help them find story ideas and will allow them to complete a story, beginning to end are found on this site. Ideas for thinking about characters and themes can all be generated with thought-provoking questions and different ways of thinking on the site. By exploring author blogs and searching for character names, students will also find help with grammar and spelling.

Samples of using mind maps and worksheets allow students to collaborate and work with others to come up with story ideas. There are also samples of writing exercises and ways to evolve stories that will help children use their creativity. There is even a blog from young authors where you can read about what they are thinking and writing about!

You can use the dozens of resources found of Lightning Bug to help you in other areas of writing, storytelling and reading.

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