Get Organized! 4 Organization Tools for Kids!

As the year rolls around, it can sometimes get a little messy. Staying organized throughout the year is important for children to keep in mind. Being organized means keeping papers, assignments and all other work in proper places, knowing when assignments are due to be turned in and planning for future ones. There are so many tips and tricks that are out there that kids can use, but here are some resources that can do that and more!


Remember the Milk – This free personal organization tool works on both computers and mobile phones, which many kids have these days. They can use this tool to add assignment due dates, keep a to-do list, email and access their account. This way, they won’t forget the milk, or anything else!

Track Class – Stay on track with this resource! Keep your class schedules in order, track assignment dates, take and save notes, and maintain a calendar full of all your upcoming events. With Track Class, you can even save files like essays and other written assignments as well as slideshow presentations! Custom reminders also let you know of upcoming important tasks!

Soshiku – Another great organizational tool, Soshiku lets kids organize assignments by specific course. They can add assignments and get text messages or email reminders before each due date. This tool is geared towards high school and college students, but is still a great resource for all!

Squareleaf – This simple system allows you to use online sticky notes to manage your tasks. The notes will appear on an online whiteboard where you can arrange them in any order you like, just like you would on a real board! You can also change the size and color of the notes, making it more fun to manage your tasks!

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