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With the growing rate of obesity in our country, it is no wonder that people are trying to come up with new and innovative ways to teach kids about the importance of being fit and healthy. From active gaming to unique physical activities, there are now more ways than ever to learn about the importance of remaining healthy. These four sites provide kids with information, fun and the importance of health!


Get the Glass

Milk, an important staple in a healthy diet, is the star of this site. This interactive game is produced by the California Milk Processor Board. With the intention of promoting milk consumption, the game will let kids go on a journey with a family who is deprived of milk. They must break into “Fort Fridge” to find the unlimited milk supply. Along this journey, kids will learn all the benefits and important facts of drinking milk. The fun characters let kids get involved and have fun while they learn.

Cool Food Kidz

This fun site combines kids and food! With tons of information on nutrition, exercise and other health related issues, kids can easily read up on the latest in health. They can build healthy habits and also pick up tips on things like dental health, exercises for the brain and healthy choices for dining out!

Nourish Interactive

This site is full of lesson plans, printables, resources and games for kids – all focused on food and nutrition! With fun coloring pages and other educational material like “name the food group” and “exercise tracking sheets”, kids will be motivated to get moving and eat right. There is also a section for parents that offers free tips on teaching healthy eating habits at home along with recipes and other helpful resources.


Don’t let the name fool you! Fat World is a place all about nutrition! This educational video game from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting is designed to get kids thinking about the results of certain food choices. They will explore socioeconomic, geographic and cultural factors that influence nutrition choices that different people make. With so many more resources, there is plenty of opportunity to learn!

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