Get Connected- 4 Social Media Sites for Educators

Most people know that social media is one of the fastest growing and most popular features of the Internet these days. For people of all ages, there are many different ways they can use these sites to grow and learn. For educators, using different forms of social media can open up many possibilities for different ways to involve students. From networking, to group collaboration and projects, here are 4 tools that educators can use to jump start the creativity.


Edu 2.0 – This is another great online course management system where educators can share lesson plans, quizzes, projects, videos and much more in a shared library. The community section allows you to network with others, allowing for even more sharing and connecting between members for free. You also get access to important tools like online gradebooks, quizzes, blogs and even networks where you can connect with others in your area.

SymbalooEDU – The “EDU” version of this visual organizing tool already has 50,000 educators signed up. Educators can get access to subject-specific resource pages as well as other top tools like Google and Flickr. They can add info and logos to customize their experience. This serves as a great way to organize your favorite tools and store your work some place online.

EdModo – Similar to social media sites like Facebook, Edmodo is a controlled environment where educators can even review and grade assignments all online or add items to the group calender. With no private communication function for users, as well as a group security code, you can be ensured that information is kept safe.

EduBlogs – This blogging platform is perfect for parents and students. Only supported by educational content, this site has hosted more than a million blogs from both educators and students! There are so many uses for these blogs. From pages, projects to newsletters, educators and children can find innovative and creative ways to use these blogs.

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