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Episode 39 – Fri., Dec. 17, 2010

Feature of the Week –

  • It’s an organization that helps teens with causes they care about
  • This is the generation of “doers” so this provides an avenue for young adults to make a difference in the community they live
  • They have 3 rules: No money, no car, no adults!

Watch and Learn – Gisele & The Green Team

  • Gisele Bündchen has teamed up with AOL Video to produce a web cartoon series of 26 episodes that includes lessons in environmental issues and self esteem for young girls.
  • Supermodels during the day, the girls use their superpowers to stop villains from destroying the environment and participate in eco-friendly hobbies.
  • Website that goes along with it full of eco-friendly tips, ideas and information.
  • Inspire young girls to make a change in the environment

New in the News – Video recording Teachers

  • Bill Gates has donated $335 million to oversee teacher performance in some of the biggest school systems in the country.

E-Freebies – Holiday Sites for Kids

  • Kerri’s Christmas Page
  • Kaboose Christmas
  • Christmas Crafts Projects
  • Microsoft Word Christmas Cards

So, What Do You Know?

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