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Episode 43 – 1.21.2011

  • Episode Length: 10 minutes, 16 seconds
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Removing Labels

  • Citizens Commission for Human Rights focuses on labeling children with different disorders.
    20 million kids and adolescents are labeled with some type of mental disorder, based only on a checklist of some behaviors. Without brain scans, x-rays and other genetic or blood testing, people are still diagnosing these children as “mentally ill”. Many are prescribed psychiatric drugs, all for a profit.
  • When children receive labels from adults, no matter what the type of label it may be, they often times think that this label is going to define them, and that it is something they cannot change.
  • The video highlights the power that kids who are not labeled by others, can have. Kids who label themselves can think for themselves. These are the independent and creative free thinkers. They are the artists, the independents, the revolutionaries and so much more.

Games for Social Change (G4C)

  • Games are the becoming the most powerful media of this century and so how can they be used to help social causes?
  • Games in the classroom will be a breakthrough
  • Quest to Learn – a school that is testing a new method of teaching students. Uses a video game based curriculum where student work in teams to build and play in virtual words.

Comic Apps

  • Comics – This iPhone/iPad comic app has Marvel, DC and the Walking Dead comics that can all be read on the web! With the largest comic library and store, there are more than 300 free comics in this app alone, so everyone can find something they like!
  • IDW Comics – This app gives you access to the complete IDW digital comic library! It works with the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and has over 650 comics, along with 10 free books! From horror to sci-fi and adventures, you are sure to find something you like here. You can also browse some of the biggest names in film and TV along with some of the classic comics of the 70’s and 80’s.
  • Marvel Comics – You can experience all the greatness that is Marvel Comics, on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! With the help of the world’s most popular super heroes, you can download hundreds of comic books, starring these great characters. Different viewing options allow you to zoom and pan through stories!
  • Archie Comics – One of the most famous comic series, Archie, can now be found on the iPad! With one application, you can read over 50 Archie titles. This family friendly application is safe and features the Archie gang. You can also get more digital comics with the new releases that come out!

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