Game On! – 5 Resources for Literacy and Spelling Games

Learning concepts in themes through different outlets can be a great way for children to add variety and fun to their learning experiences. As children are learning to read and write, they should have a fun way to practice these skills. These websites allow them to do just that!


WordWorld – This interactive site from PBSKids offers fun and educational spelling games for kids. With friendly characters and an exciting world of words, there are plenty of entertaining ways to practice spelling. You can skateboard your way through words with a bear or spell some of the most popular foods found in your very own kitchen with a pig! These animals and easy navigation will guide your kids through a world of words and fun!

iBoard – There is no short list of activities here. With 106 literacy activities and topics like numeracy, science, history and geography, children can find something of interest. These fun and interactive games can be played on the computer but are also perfect for using on an interactive whiteboard.

Alien Scavenger Hunt – Fun themes are always a great way to disguise an educational lesson! In this alien themed game, kids will hear a word and then must catch the letters to spell out that word. With fun sounds and graphics and a simple object, this game will have them spelling up a storm.

Spin and Spell – Another fun game for kids to spell with is Spin and Spell. Choose from a variety of words and pictures. You can then dial the letters on the wheel as you spell a word. You can also listen as the word is said and spell along with it. This is a fun way to spell your way around a wheel of fun.

PhotoMunchrs – This game, brought to you by pictures in the Flickr database, uses vocabulary and pictures to practice learning terms. As a word is presented, you must use the arrows on your keyboard to move to the pictures describing it. You “munch” down on the words with your space bar until you have found all the pictures describing that word. Once you find them all, you will move on to the next level!

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