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Practicing math skills over the summer will help children build upon what they have learned and provide them with solid fundamentals moving into the next grade level.  It also helps to prevent the summer regression where they can lose up to 2 months of learning by not practicing and continuing to build skills over the summer.


Here are some fun websites for children to play over the summer to help them to build math skills.

Math Magician

The Math Magician website is appropriate for elementary level children.  It provides customization for children to practice math problems about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division at two different levels.  Level one is more appropriate for early elementary and level two is more appropriate for upper elementary students.  The fact-based games are timed and they must answer a set number of questions within a specific time period. The number of correct and incorrect answers are calculated and displayed.  This is a challenging, fun way to have students build speed and accuracy with math facts.

Sheppard Software

Sheppard Software has many fun online, interactive math games for kids.  Topics range widely including math fact games for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, but it also includes games for fractions, money, telling time, measurement, decimals, and pre-algebra.  There is also a section for pre-school students to learn the most basic math facts in a fun and easy to use way.  Each game also has a variety of levels making this website very versatile for pre-K through 8th grade students.

Math Mayhem

Math Mayhem is an online game where kids can play head-to-head in a timed game to see who can answer the most math facts correctly within 1 minute.  It took less than 1 minute to get paired up with a group of kids for the challenge to begin.  Then you answer as many questions correctly as possible.  The game provides feedback as to whether the answer is correct or incorrect, but they suggest you don’t look at the other scores as it will slow you down.  The challenge aspect made this game a lot of fun to play.

Math Arcade     

One of the most popular math games online is Math Arcade by Fun Brain.  To setup the online board game, you tell the game your gender and age and the game will levels will be tailored to your choices.  You get to select your board piece and then you move forward on the board game.  You then have to play and pass the game to move again.  Each game has a different game challenge and math challenge.  After you pass each level, you will be given a game code.  This code can be used if you leave the game and then come back another time or day to continue playing on the level where you left off.

Fun and interactive math games will help kids stay ahead of the curve this summer and be prepared for the next school year.

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