From Failure to Success – Inspirational Video for Kids

As children grow and learn during their younger school years, there comes a lot of success. From perfect scores on a spelling test, to making the basketball team, there are many times for them to shine and be proud of their achievements. What some kids don’t seem to realize is that there also comes failure. We all know that not everyone is perfect, and that sometimes it is that failure that helps us grow and be a stronger person.

This inspiring video is a great example of how you can overcome failure and use it to make yourself a stronger person. In the video are real examples of how some of the most famous and successful people have failed at something, only to overcome it and make a successful name for themselves. For example, Lucille Ball was told by producers that she was too shy to succeed on stage, yet she went on to become one of the most famous actresses of all time.

If we show children that there is this thing called failure and that it should not be feared, they will feel more confident going after their dreams and goals. By learning from failure, kids will be more willing to take opportunities and try something they may not be perfect at. If it doesn’t work out, they will simply learn from the experience and be ready to try it again.

By not fearing failure, children will be more willing to take risks that will hopefully turn out for the better.

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