Free Poster “Those Who Can, Teach” for Educators

Ever heard that stinging sentence, “Those who can’t do, teach!” which serves to devalue teaching as a profession? This poster, featuring one of your favorite Learning Today characters, Andre, refutes this phrase with the quote, “Those who can, teach. Those who can’t go into some less significant line of work.” Whoever displays this poster is displaying a deep respect for teaching as a profession.

“Those Who Can, Teach” is Poster #3 in the free, fun and witty educational poster series brought to you by Learning Today. If you like it, be sure to check out our Poster of the Week Archives as well as the teacher and administrator favorites Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooming Butterfly Poster for Elementary Teachers and Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooming Orange Helpful Verbs Poster.

These posters are perfect for displaying anywhere, or even for handing out to students as a reward incentive.

Click here to download poster 3, “Those Who Can, Teach” as an 11 X 17 pdf. 

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