FREE Phonemic Awareness – Rhyming Lesson

Create Your Own Rhyming Rap!

phonemic awareness - rhyming

“Let’s create a rhyming rap together!”

Join Ms. Sharpe’s class and choose lines that rhyme to create your own rhyming rap.

This interactive lesson introduces 2nd and 3rd grade students to the concept of rhyming (a key skill in building phonemic awareness). Our usability testing showed that students enjoyed building their own rap while listening to the sound and rhythm of words that rhyme. They appeared to like the diverse characters and enjoyed hearing the rap they created at the end.

This high-interest rhyming activity is one of four components that comprise this lesson. Also included is an interactive tutorial which introduces the concept of rhyming through the use of word games and poems, followed by a word-sorting practice activity, and then a timed and graded rhyming word game to ensure that students master the key concepts taught in this lesson.

Suggestion: Use this rhyming lesson as a fun, phonemic awareness activity with your children.

Watch the phonemic awareness – rhyming practice activity.

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