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Many schools are back in session starting this week and over the next few weeks.  This means that educators will be back in the role as leaders.  There are several websites available that can help children and parents with solving homework problems and preparing for assessments.



WolframAlpha is one of my favorite online academic help resources.  In this site you can type in a math problem or a word or phrase and the information is then ‘calculated.’  For a math problem, this means that the problem will be solved, graphed, explained, and diagramed.  For a word or phrase it may give you the definition, a timeline of events, or a detailed explanation.  You can also search things like famous people, careers, conversions, or dates and it will compute the information and provide a useful result.  This website is useful in completing a wide variety of homework assignments at a variety of academic levels. is a great resource for assistance with any level of math assignment from basic math to calculus.  Users can easily search to find the topic that is covered in the homework assignment and then read a short lesson explaining the topic.  Then, the user can answer sample questions to see if they understand the concept.  The immediate feedback then helps to determine if the concept is understood and then the child can finish the assignment.  This website is great for parents to brush up on the skills they are trying to assist with on the homework  and also great for kids to try to independently learn math skills.

Internet 4 Classrooms

Internet 4 Classrooms has a great page dedicated to helping parents help children with homework.  This site doesn’t provide answers or assistance for answers for their actual homework, however it guides parents in other important aspects of assisting children with homework like concentration techniques, study habits, test taking skills, and time management.  These are all skills that help to build a successful student that are sometimes overlooked.

Carnegie Library Pittsburg:  Big Kids Homework Help

The Carnegie Library Pittsburg has a homework help page for ‘big kids’.  This page includes information on how to do research for school projects and links for information and resources about a variety of school subjects.  All of the resources provide help to research, write, learn about, or complete assignments.  This includes information on how to write a bibliography to science facts.

Infoplease Homework Help

Infoplease has a homework center to help kids with homework questions.  Users can search by subject area, reference sources, or use handy tools like conversion tables, periodic tables, maps, flash cards, current events, and analogies.  This page is very user friendly and can help a child to find the information they need for an assignment very quickly.

These handy homework help websites can help kids with completing assignments for this coming school year and provide support tools for both the parent and the child.  It is always important to remember that the child is the learner.

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