FREE Number and Operations – Addition and Subtraction Lesson

Explore addition and subtraction with Henrietta at the Hippo Hotel!

addition and subtraction






This fun, interactive math lesson introduces lower elementary children to addition and subtraction by using a problem-solving approach with an elevator metaphor. Usability testing revealed that the spatial relationship idea of going up and down the elevator while adding and subtracting numbers was especially engaging for young school children.

addition and subtraction







This lesson helps children learn to:

• count forward to add 1 and 2
• count backward to subtract 1 and 2
• act out number stories using objects and pictures

It teaches strategies for solving number problems by:

• introducing mathematic symbolic representation in a familiar situation
• building a two-way bridge between the informal math children learn outside of school and the formal math they learn using real-life context
• using everyday language to express ideas about mathematical concepts
This high-interest interactive tutorial is one of three components that comprise this lesson. Also included is a review activity where children practice the math concepts introduced in the tutorial using the elevator metaphor, and then a timed and graded addition and subtraction activity to ensure mastery of the learning objectives.
Suggestion: Try using this addition and subtraction lesson as a fun, whole-class math activity with your children!

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