Free Interactive Concentration Game for Children

Concentration GameHere’s one of the first applets that we designed for NCTM’s Illuminations website. It allows children to play the classic game of Concentration by themselves or against a friend while they practice numbers, geometric shapes, multiplication facts, fractions, decimals and percents.

The activity can be played in one of two modes depending on the level of the children- hidden (covered windows) or visible (glass windows). This allows children to focus on the match itself without having to also remember where the cards are located.

You can choose between two modes (one-player or two-player) for an additional challenge. Children win ‘socks’ as equivalent matches are made.

There are a total of six levels. “Numbers 1-6,” “numbers 1-10,” and “geometric shapes” are ideal for children in PreK and Kindergarten, while “multiplication facts,” “fractions,” and ” fractions, decimals and percents” would be great for upper elementary level children.

Tip: It would be helpful to play the game by yourself a few times to become familiar with the various settings before trying it out with your students.

Resources: If you like this applet, you can find more ideas on how to use it on the NCTM Illuminations website.

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