FREE Geometry – 2D Shapes – Transformations Lesson!

 Play a grid board game with Jermaine and explore transformations!

geometry - transformations



Looking for a lesson that explores transformations in a fun and engaging way? Then invite your children to deepen their understanding of two-dimensional space by playing this interactive grid board game.

We designed this geometry lesson to introduce the concept of transformations (flips, slides and turns) in a high-interest environment with the use of interactive games, colorful graphics, engaging sound effects and animations.

Here are highlights from a few of the concepts we teach in the interactive tutorial:

Translation: Our character, Jermaine, asks the children to click on the arrows to move the shape to another location on the grid board. They are then shown through animations that they just performed a translation – sliding a shape to a new location without changing its orientation.

geometry translations

“The shape looks exactly the same; it is just in a different place!”

 Rotation: A push pin in the center of a rectangle is used to introduce this concept. Children are encouraged to explore rotation by clicking on a corner of the rectangle and spinning it around. They are shown that the push pin is the center of rotation while demonstrating a 90-degree turn, a 180-degree turn and a 360-degree turn.

geometry - rotation






“The push pin is our center of rotation. It’s the point that the shape rotates around.” 

 geometry - rotation





“We can rotate a shape one quarter turn, which is 90 degrees; one half turn, which is 180 degrees; one full turn, which is 360 degrees, or any amount we want.”

Clockwise and Counterclockwise: A clock appears behind the rectangle to illustrate clockwise and counterclockwise rotations. The student is asked to rotate the rectangle ½ turn clockwise and ¼ turn counterclockwise.

geometry - rotation

“We can rotate a shape clockwise, which is easy to remember because it’s the direction that a clock’s hands rotate. And we can rotate it counterclockwise, which is the opposite way that a clock’s hands rotate.” Now back to our grid board game for more transformation practice!

geometry - transformations







“See if you can slide and rotate these shapes to match the shape I have set on the grid.”

This interactive tutorial is one of three components that comprises this lesson. Also included is a practice activity where students get to practice the Geometry concepts they have learned and then a timed and graded quiz at the end to ensure mastery of the learning objectives.

Suggestion: Try using this transformations lesson as a fun, geometry activity with your interactive children!

Watch the Geometry – Transformations tutorial.

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