FREE – Data Analysis – Statistics Line Plots Lesson

Smart Tutor’s data analysis curriculum is designed to engage children and hold their attention through authentic content and fun, interactive activities. The lessons allow them to practice representing data through objects, graphs, tables, and more. They also get the chance to use measures of centers, propose and justify conclusions, describe the likeliness of events, predict probability outcomes among much more!

Here’s a free statistics lesson that uses an Egg Bounce game and leader board to introduce to children the creation of a line plot.

data analysis

Just like many of the Smart Tutor lessons, children start off each lesson by playing a fun game. In this particular lesson, they are asked to play a game where they must pass eggs that are hatching onto a conveyer belt to pack the eggs. Once their score is calculated, they are given a chart of scores from other players and asked to order and create a line plot reflecting those scores.

With immediate feedback and colorful and engaging graphics, children can have fun while learning and practicing new concepts. The line plots lesson, in addition to the whole data analysis set, introduces them to key data analysis and statistical concepts, including sorting and counting, bar and picture graphs, line plots, possible outcomes, double-bar graphs, and line and double line graphs.

Watch the line plots tutorial.

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