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Episode 11 – May 28, 2010

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  • Welcome to e-Learning Today TV

School of the Week

  • Rocky Mountain Elementary School
    • ILS (Integrated Listening System) for special needs students
    • combines music and physical activities
    • helps brain functioning and focus of student attention

Current E-vents

  • Edcamp Philly Presentation and Recap
  • Gathering an organizing team to plan edcamp SoFlo. If you are interested, sign up to volunteer or participate here.
  • My favorite informational edcamp presentation was hosted by Dr. Joyce Valenza (@joycevalenza) and David Jakes (@djakes) about the future of student research.
  • Check out her library research wiki and be sure to visit her Google search options glogster to get a taste of all the amazing search options Google offers kids for completing more authentic research.
  • I also learned about the Access My Library gale app.

Fit to Learn

Hashtag Talk

  • “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Max De Pree
  •  5 Steps to Increasing Teacher Technology Integration | #Edchat Recap
    • 1. Lead by Example
    • 2. Change the Face of your Professional Development
    • 3. Encourage Your Teachers to Build a Professional Learning Network
    • 4. Put the Curriculum and Safety First – @corriekelly: Tech should enhance our teaching of curriculum; we shouldn’t use it without a purpose.
    • 5. Create a digital toolbox for teachers and students

Watch and Learn

  • Technology in the Classroom
    • Dr. Bena Kallic
    • Technology is so popular in today’s society
    • Teachers must find a balance in the classroom

Teach This

  • Google Wave
    • Now available for public use
    • Educational and classroom uses
    • Communication and collaboration tool


  • 3 storytelling sites for students
    • Bookr
    • Storyjumper
    • Five Card Flickr

Blogger of the Week

  • Chesnut Hill Academy /Mrs. Sivick’s Fourth Graders now International Bloggers
    • Mrs. Sivick (K-5 Technology Coordinator ) + 4th Graders at Chesnut Hill Academy (Philly) + + Twitter = Internationally Known Grade 4 Culture Studies Blog
    • Their success represents the incredible power of twitter as a professional learning network and the potential for the blogosphere to flatten your classroom.
    • Research, blog, post questions. The goal was to communicate in real time with people from around the world, to learn about cultures through discussions with people that live or travel to the countries being studied.
    • Surprising results: 1000+ visitors, More than 25 countries, International blogger website, Teachers around the world are interviewing them to learn how to implement this in their own classrooms., Skype to skype with classrooms in South Africa and Midwest, and more.
    • The boys continue to receive cool links, photos, audio, videos, and extended learning experiences from visitors all over the world.

So, What Do You Know

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