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There are so many great sites and resources that center on poetry. Using reading, writing and creativity skills, children can express themselves through the many forms of poetry. There are also so many fun and interesting projects and assignments that you can use or come up with on your own. The best thing about these poetry resources is that they can inspire you and your kids to do other poetry-related things! Check out these sites to get them motivated to write!


Giggle Poetry

Just like the name, this site lets students see the fun in poetry. There are many different activities and word games that can be found here. Kids can also create poems of their own. In the Poetry Theatre section of the site, students can use poems for their own performances. This is a great tool to use if you want to put on a play or production!

Robert Pottle

This site encourages kids to write poetry in the form of comics! You can read poems of the day, and also jokes! With the comic like graphics and interesting characters, this is a new and improved way to learn about poetry. Using this as an additional resource can make learning poetry even more fun.

Alphabet Soup

This website from the magazine is a great tool to use to encourage younger readers and writers. There are several poems from real kids as well as other published stories and poems. There is also a column on writing tips for children, and one on interviews with published writers! There is a lot of insightful information that will really inspire young writers.

Shel Silverstein

One of the most famous poets of young children’s poetry has a whole site dedicate to kids and fun! This interactive site is full of fun animations and characters. So many great links will allow you to listen to poems, play games, quizzes, create your own poems, and so much more! There are also ideas for parents to use with Silverstein’s poems. This site is so fun, it reflects the work of this great author!

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