For the Love of Learning and Teaching! – Inspirational Video

As the end of the school year approaches, the feelings and emotions of educators may be up and down and all over the place! From being stressed one minute, to feeling absolutely exhausted the next, those last few weeks can sometimes be a real challenge. With end-of-the-year testing and preparing for the next year, we sometimes need a little encouragement, too. This video from SMART’s Youtube channel offers that extra¬† “feel-good” push for educators all over the world.

Titled “The Love of Learning,” this video starts off by flashing images of students and different people from throughout history, learning and challenging themselves. The narrator explains how “they applauded us when we were right, and corrected us when we were wrong.” It goes on to list more characteristics, like “tough when they needed to be” and “fun when they wanted to be”. It never states who or what type of people they are describing.

It then goes on to talk about the basic lessons that any child would typically learn. From spelling, to grammar to how to perform everyday tasks, educators are the ones that encourage them to learn. Not only did they teach us those simple lessons, but they taught us that we had the ability to do anything. All the inventions, creations or trends that are in existence today have been made possible because someone somewhere wanted to teach.

The video is basically thanking teachers for doing what they do. For believing in the children and for encouraging them to never stop learning!

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