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WritingStoryJumper, Inc. has released its official site,, the first online creative writing and publishing platform for children.

Featured on the site is a free set of writing tools. Here, children can write, illustrate and publish their own stories. They can practice the art of storytelling that is so common in their everyday life.

By clicking the “create” button, children can choose from fun templates like “Food Fun” or “Ocean Table,” to help build their story. A library of artwork is available for children to use the site’s collection or they can draw their own pictures to go along with their stories.

They can then share their original books with friends and family online. There is even an option to order their original book in a hard copy.

Children begin with the “StoryStarter” process which provides a series of thought provoking questions that help get ideas flowing to create whole stories.

This online publishing tool is a free resource for teachers and parents to use with their children. Anyone can access the basic library and create stories to share with others. It is also a great way for children to experience the process of both writing and publishing a book.

You can use the Storyjumper website in school and at home. A demo video is available for you to see how the tools work. You can also click the “explore” button to browse other stories.

Parents can use the site to encourage children to take more enjoyment in creative writing. They can use this tool to promote writing and literacy. The colorful library is filled with thousands of full-color props and scenes that can inspire a story.

Integrating technology into the learning environment where so many children are already using it will only lead towards enjoyment for the children.

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