FlockDraw | Flawless Educational Drawing Tool

educational toolDrawing is one of the simplest, yet most useful ways to communicate ideas. We all know that when great ideas come to people, they want to share it.

With Flockdraw, sharing ideas is easy. Flockdraw is a newly launched drawing application from Dan Blake (a founder of TinyChat.com) and Ryan Hile, which allows users to share their vision and ideas.

From important business meetings, to children showing off their artistic abilities, Flockdraw makes it simple and efficient for people to share ideas.

Educators may find Flockdraw very useful for teaching lessons. This application would work great in both whole class instruction and center rotations.

By simply hitting the “start drawing” button on the Flockdraw homepage, users can draw sketches in their browsers in real-time. Each time you visit the site, a unique whiteboard is assigned to you. Up to 10 people can participate in drawing on this one whiteboard and an unlimited amount of users can watch the drawings come to life. The simple set of basic drawing tools, including brush, eraser, bucket/fill, line, text, brush size, and color chooser, is just enough to get your ideas flowing. With a specific URL assigned to your whiteboard, you can instantly share your ideas and drawings.

The best part about this application is that it is completely free!

Blogs would be a great place to share some of these drawings. You can even log in using your Twitter account and share it that way, too.

The application is very user-friendly so any level of computer user can use it. Children love the ability to doodle away on it and parents love that it encourages creativity. Flockdraw proves to be useful in the home or in the classroom.

Creativity is important in fostering a child’s development and Flockdraw only encourages this.


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