First Grade Online 2D Shapes Activity Using Pattern Blocks

First Grade 2D Shapes Lesson

This delightful geometry lesson with Twiggles and Guppy helps early elementary chidlren (Grades 1 and 2) explore composing and decomposing two-dimensional shapes through the use of interactive pattern blocks.

A straight-forward tutorial that begins with Twiggles and Guppy building a mosaic, encourages children to use pattern blocks while they explore plane shapes, make predictions about them, and build an understanding of part-whole relationships and properties of plane shapes.

Children are able to use geometric transformations and translate each shape by clicking and dragging each pattern block, then rotating and flipping each one to cover the outline. Unused shapes can be dragged to the trash can.

The lesson is ideal for whole group instruction and may be used with a projector or an interactive white board.

View the lesson here

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