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My name is John Goldsmith and I can usually be found over at the DETools Blog. Today, thanks to the “I Heart EdTech Blog Swap” organized by the Simple K12 Blog I’m also a guest editor on one of my favourite blogs, Learning Today.

Am I excited? You bet! I feel like the kid from the minors who’s been called up by the major league team. The blog swap with Learning Today came together rather quickly and I confess that more time would have been nice in crafting my contribution but, deadlines are deadlines.

FillAnyPDF – Write on Static or Locked PDF Documents

My contribution for today is a wonderful web app called, FillAnyPDF. It addresses one of the most frustrating aspects of a static PDF form or document – the inability to type on a document, mark it up or add text.

FillAnyPDF gets around this problem by adding a virtual top layer to a PDF document. This top layer can be typed on, written on, doodled on or all of the above.

To give FillAnyPDF a work-out and demonstrate how the app works, I’ll upload a pdf copy of a lesson plan worksheet that I found on the ‘Net. To do that, I simply click the “Browse” button, locate the file on my computer’s desktop and hit “Submit”.


Within seconds, I have a PDF document I can type on, sign, add an image to or highlight thanks to the FILLANYPDF edit interface




When finished, I can save my document on FillAnyPDF’s site or I can download it to my computer. As well as PDF files, FillAnyPDF will also work with several graphic formats such as JPG’s and GIF’s. FillAnyPDF is free to use and can be employed without a sign-up. However, to save documents on the site for later editing will require an account. Enjoy 🙂

Thanks again to the folks at Simple K12 Blog for organizing this event and Amanda Kenuam of Learning Today for allowing me to be a guest editor.

John Goldsmith

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