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Episode 5 – April 16, 2010

(Episode Length: 17 minutes, 57 seconds)


Pick me up

    • Photography class for visually impaired students
      • Florida School for the Blind and Deaf
      • teaching students to use other senses to take pictures
      • giving them more opportunity to learn about technology

Current E-vents:

    • Kids Write the Site… and so can you
      • Each appropriate submission will be displayed showing first name, last initial and age.
      • 3 submissions featured each week in featured category with a school announcement
      • Each entry receives a free certificate just for entering.
      • Great way to provide authentic writing practice, publishing opportunities, and an audience for emerging writers.
      • Open to students between the ages of 4 and 12, no deadline
      • Accepts art, stories (no more than 1000 words), poetry, reviews (music and books), and goals.


    • Blabberize
      • Make photos talk
      • make interactive stories or narrations with own voice
      • use as classroom tool, to explain lessons, make projects, etc
      • unique and fun way for students to teach others
      • Mrs. P’s Magic Library

o interactive, engaging site

o full of stories, lessons, activities

o clickable, virtual library

Hashtag talk

    • How should successful & innovative teaching & teachers be rewarded?
    • Appropriate in light of FL’s Senate Bill 6, often referred to as the merit pay bill, however many teachers have questioned whether or not the true impact of the bill will be to reward successful teachers. Many #edchatters felt that merit pay is not the best option for rewarding effective teachers.
    • As always, the debate about being too passionate an educator to discuss an increase in salary was in the forefront of the conversation. I think @deerwood put it best:
    • @deerwood: #edchat Few teachers enter the profession for the money but that shouldn’t become an excuse for poor pay and exploitation of time.
    • Questions for Thought: Are we as teachers scared to ask for higher salaries because it will make us look as though we are not natural, dedicated, passionate educators – in it for the love of learning?  And (how) does the historic gender wage gap play a role in teacher salary today?
    • Yes, the joy of knowing you are making an impact in the lives of your students is enough for most, but for the rest of us – the following rewards would also be excellent!
        • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
        • Professional Development and Other Learning Opportunities
        • An iPad… or at least a piece of chocolate!

Watch and Learn:

    • Pay Attention
      • students are getting more familiar with technology everyday
      • 10,000 hours college graduates have spent playing video games
      • 70% of our nation’s 4-6 year olds that have used a computer
      • using these technologies to teach

Blogger of the Week:

    • The Meandering Musings of Inspirational Blogger and Teacher John Spence
    • Using words, visuals, multimedia, and dialogue Spencer effectively bridges the gap between progressive educational theory and practice.“The best way to teach is to begin with listening, to be authentic, and to take the risk and be creative.” – John Spencer
    • Spencer teaches social studies content by engaging students in authentic learning experiences. Spencer’s students started a Social Voice Online Social Studies Magazine, which transformed into the IMPACT program. His students learn content while engaging in community service, create documentaries, murals, and various other creative social ventures.
    • Involvement and community, Meaningful experiences, Practical skills, Accountability, Creativity, Technology
    • Spencer has also published two books, which are both worth your while, Sages and Lunatics and Teaching Unmasked.
    • Click here do download Teaching Unmasked
    • My goal isn’t to change the world or make a difference. If I take that as my motive, I’ll be an imperialist, moving into the ghetto and force-feeding middle class ideology.” – John Spencer


    • Ziggity Zoom
      • stories, online games, pretend play environments
      • help children develop early learning skills, like eye-hand coordination and decision making skills
      • links to videos
      • iPad Apps

o dozens of free apps at appshopper.com

o can use for in school, at home, educational

o fun and interactive apps

o Toy Story app, free books, math quizzer


    • Free Earth Day Unit | | Preserving Nature’s Resources
    • In this unit, students will be able to investigate the dangers that threaten our environment and discover ways to preserve Earth’s natural resources. The unit is organized in team projects, but can be easily adapted as four distinct whole class inquiries. It’s completely up to you.
      • Includes: webquest, enviro-journals, investigations (paper-making, testing the air, rot not, costly leaks), writing exercises (speak your mind), community service (operation neighborhood), (journalism/multimedia) nature newsletter
      • Adapted from activities in 1001 Ways to Explore Science and Nature – a must have for science teachers
      • Google Search Stories

o inspired from the Google Superbowl ad

o have students create their own search stories

o way to integrate technology into lessons

Random Fact

    • Blue M&M’s might be able to treat spinal injuries, scientists say.
      • The researchers injected rats with spinal injuries with Brilliant Blue G. The compound improved recovery and reduced the lesions.
      • The compound blocks another chemical that causes more cell damage during an injury, thus reducing the “secondary spinal cord damage” that the chemical causes.
      • The rats with spinal injuries that received treatment with Brilliant Blue G were able to walk again, while the control group rats that weren’t treated were not.
      • Only effective 15 minutes after sustaining the injury, it has to be absorbed intravenously, and one of the side effects is that the rats’ skin turned blue. (photo from omgfacts.com)
      • No word in the English language rhymes with purple, orange, month or silver.

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