Feeling Infowhelmed? – Informational Education Video

In this intriguing clip about information fluency from the 21st Century Fluency Project, the subject of “infowhelming” is brought up. For most 21st century learners, information is accessible with the blink of an eye. From status updates to emails and instant messaging, there will always be a quick and easy way to access any information. For the generations that are growing up with these devices and gadgets that let them access this information, this may seem like a blessing. But, what about those people that find all this information coming directly towards them to be too much?

This video explains how we are bombarded with information on a daily basis and how we are living in this matrix of emails, tweets, texts and other forms of social communication. The video gives some crazy statistics about our digital output. In just six years, our digital output has increased by 10,000% and is continually growing!

The amount of information that our gigabytes of the digital output would translate into books is almost unimaginable. Those books would have the ability to stack so high that they could would not only reach up into outer space, but they would stretch the distance from Earth to Pluto, 13 times! They would also have the ability to deforest the planet 12 times!

Since education is often focused on memorization and reporting of information, some people wonder if having all this information will change the skills our children need to learn. It is a wake up call to teachers and educators that we need to teach not only in the present, but prepare students for the future.

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