Father’s Day Activities for Kids

Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 19th.  There are many lessons that can tie Father’s Day into curriculum including various crafts that children could take home as gifts.


This topic also must be approached with sensitivity as not all children have their biological father as part of their life.  An alternative could be to have them create crafts and projects about their closest male figure in their life like a grandfather, uncle, or close family friend.

Card Activities

Younger children can practice their writing and crafting skills by creating a card for their father on Father’s Day.  Enchanted Learning has many different card styles that students could create including a tie themed card, or a “World’s Best” Dad card.  Kids can work on building both fine and gross motor skills while creating and decorating the card.  The text of the card can be a language arts activity in letter writing, neatness, and vocabulary.

Enchanted Learning also has other activities for younger kids that tie into Father’s Day including picture frames, wall pockets, and a pretend stained glass window that could be hung in a home or work office.  Worksheets also include Father’s Day vocabulary through word searches, acrostic poems, descriptive word graphic organizers, or even a Father’s Day booklet where students fill in the blanks into the sentence describing their father.

The Importance & History of Father’s Day

A great connection to the Language Arts and Social Studies classrooms for older students would be to learn about the history and significance of Father’s Day.  They could research the topic and then write a paper or create a presentation about the topic.  For an addition to a presentation, students could include information about their father or a close male role model in their life.  They could include the characteristics of this person including ‘fatherhood’ traits and how their role models inspire their own life.

Recipes for Father’s Day

Many websites suggest making your father a special treat for Father’s Day.  Kids could make the treat at school before the Father’s Day weekend.  Simple school-based food activities could include having students decorate already make cookies or cupcakes with frosting and candies that their father enjoy or based on a theme like golfing, grilling, or fishing.  This could be turned into simple math activities on percentages, ratios, or counting by using various candies as the manipulatives.

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