Fall-Themed Activities for Kids

Fall is my favorite season of the year.  Growing up in Michigan, I experienced the fall harvest, the changing of the leaves, carving a pumpkin, and the crisp air while enjoying a local football game.  There are so many experiences that I remember having as a child that have impacted who I am today.

Here are some great activities with online resources to help you plan for fall learning activities at home.

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Activities with Leaves

Collect leaves that fall around your home or a park near your home.  Have your children research the leaves online to determine what type of tree they fell from.  You can then preserve the leaves by ironing them between two pieces of wax paper.  Write on the wax paper with a marker the type of tree the leaf is from.  Adding a hole punch to the corner and tying them together will then make a keepsake leaf book of your adventures.  Remember, you can also collect needles from trees and classify them as well.  It’s a great way to include learning about coniferous and deciduous trees.

Activities for the Harvest

Another fun fall activity that affords learning opportunities is taking your children to a local farm during the fall.  Kids can take part  in the harvest by actually picking apples, pears, pumpkins, peas or squash.  Then you can take your bounty home and have your children help you to make a fall-themed meal.   Farms also typically provide activities like petting farms, corn mazes, and educational demonstrations of the important tasks on a farm.

Fall Sports Fun

I bet you didn’t think playing sports involved learning!  Sports are actually a great way for kids to learn about team work, learning rules, penalties for not following rules, and building self-esteem.  Fall sports can be played in the backyard or you can venture out to the park and try to play a pick-up game with other neighborhood families.  Games can include flag football, soccer, and baseball.  Other fun games that can be played with the family include freeze tag, red light green light, or just playing catch.  One fun outdoor activity that involves technology is called geocaching.  This is basically a scavenger hunt using a GPS device.

Fall Computer-based Activities

There are many activities that children can play online that are fall-themed based and can also build their skills for the classroom.  One online game is called Fall-Themed Memory.  This is a great game for younger children to play to learn matching skills, build retention, along with learning about the various items on the cards.  Two Minute Drill is a letter matching game.  The faster you can answer the math problem, the more yards you earn.   If you run out of time, you are given one more chance on a ‘forth down conversion.’  This is a great game to practice math facts in a fun fall way.

All of these activities are a great way to connect through learning with your children this fall.

Article By Laura Ketcham

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