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From Beauty and the Beast to Hansel and Gretel, Online Audio Stories is an impressive online collection of free audio stories for children.  All the audio books featured on the site are free to download.

The online version of the story includes text that kids can follow along with.  The short stories are great for providing children with fun adventures of fairy tales and classics.  There are stories from famous authors like Mark Twain, Robert Louis Stevenson, Brothers Grimm, Edgar Allen Aesop, Hans Christian Andersen, William Shakespeare, and many more!

Each story is read with quality and clarity that make it enjoyable for anyone to listen to. With genres like fables, limericks, fairy tales and more, the stories are perfect for all types of learners because the text and the audio are present. The stories will help children with their vocabulary and help them improve listening comprehension skills. It also offers them to choose and listen to some of the classic stories that they may skip over in the library.

This web site is perfect for computers in the classroom or media centers. Kids can visit the site during reading or free time.  Since the stories are free to download, you can even put them on an iPod or MP3 player.

This website also offers the stories as a great way to learn English online. The stories come with translatable text and the audio stories all have very clear pronunciation. It is a way to bring the historical and classic stories of tradition to a modern time.

The stories on this site are perfect for tapping into a child’s imagination, which can only help with real-life skills and creativity. By listening to these stories, children can grow creatively and use their imagination.

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