Facebook Groups – Picking and Choosing Easier for Educators

Facebook is at is again. Always updating and changing their site features and applications, they have just unleashed a new version of Groups. In the Facebook Groups, members can participate in group chats, lists, discussions and other document sharing activities. This feature serves a great purpose. Sharing information is important, but sharing with specific groups of people may be more important, especially as educators.


Changes made to the groups will allow users to be in more control of their messages, changing the way the site is used. Group chats are a new feature, which will allow the group’s members to have conversations with everyone in the group at the same time. The more and more groups you participate in will also appear on the main navigation of your page so you can easily access it.

You can easily post photos and plans and conversations within individual groups. All groups are automatically set to closed, so you can be ensured that only members will view the discussions occurring in that group.

Another feature just released is the ability to download everything you have posted on Facebook, from status updates, to messages, photos, etc. A simple click and download will allow you to access all of this information. You will also be able to see how applications you use are taking your data and personalizing your experience across the web. Educators can use this tool to download  information, sites, or group documents if they use with children.

With more group participation and new tools, Facebook creators hope to involve better relationships between user and site and bring users more confidence in sharing things on Facebook.

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