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Episode 57 – 4.29.2011

Shakespeare and Facebook Combat Cyberbullying

  • Facebook has dedicated a page to, Much Ado About Nothing. Weekly Reader and the Ophelia Project, along with White Plain’s High School, is re-enacting this play – on Facebook!
  • The page will have status updates, posts, pictures and videos, all created by students. Characters will have their own pages, full of bios, info, likes, etc. Using Facebook to bring these characters to life, combines social media as the tool in fighting cyber bullying.
  • Characters will be responding to viewer comments and questions, engaging students in a whole new way.
  • Teachers who want to use this as another resource can check out the Tumblr blog where the entire play will be posted.

iPod Touch & iPad 2 Accessories for the Classroom

  • Two blog posts describing some of the accessories that educators may need for their classroom
  • The first article lists screen protectors, covers, and stands for your iPads and iPods
  • Next we have styluses & keyboards, headphones, adaptors & connection cables teachers may look into

Art iPad Apps for Kids

  • Kids Paint
  • Doodle Note
  • Doodle Kids

Beyonce’s video for “Let’s Move” Campaign

  • Great video to inspire your students to exercise with super star Beyonce Knowles
  • There is also another video with instructions on the moves for the video

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