Express Yourselves with These Art Apps!

Art is such a great way for kids to express themselves through their creativity. As the times have changed, so have the ways that art can be made available. With the advances in such tools like the iPad and other tablet devices, kids are able to create masterpieces of their own. Here is a quick list from Virtual GS that will have your kids drawing, painting and creating the next big thing!


Kids Paint

For kids who love to paint, this multi-touch program is the perfect app. You can choose from different brush sizes and colors to start your painting. If you want to start over, all you have to do is shake the iPad and the screen will clear! You can even import real pictures or take pictures using the camera. If you want to share, you can send it in to be featured in the gallery!

Doodle Note

Doodling can be such a great task to do when you want to get ideas out. Now, there is an app that lets you do just that. You can take full screen notes with this app. You can take a picture, and then doodle on it. Whether it is a basketball play or details from a presentation, you can use multi-touch to draw and erase. This is a great app to doodle with, for work or play!

Doodle Kids

This free app was actually made by a kid! With different shapes, colors, and sizes, you can go wild with all the different effects you can make. Tapping with two fingers will clear the screen in a random color. Shaking the iPad will give you a menu to clear it, choose a picture or take a new one. There are so many cool images you can use and make, it is no wonder this is a hit with kids!

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