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Exploring is something that kids do all the time! No matter where they are, it seems like they can always find something that they want to know “how” “why” or “what” it is all about! A natural and important characteristic to have, this curiosity will help them develop and grow as they learn about these things that interest them.


With the ExplOratorium website , you can explore till your heart’s desire! With so many interesting and unique things to learn here, you can inspire your students to keep exploring their passions and interests in an educational way.

In San Francisco there is a real ExplOratorium where you can see travelling exhibitions such as the Geometry Playground! But, for those who can’t make it over there, the website is full of fun stuff for parents, teachers and kids!

You will find tons of interactives, web features, activities and other programs that range in topics like science, art, and human perception.

Choosing an activity will allow you to explore it in more detail. You can find related links, activities and other fun educational things to do! When you visit a page again and again, you will find more activities that are offered, including short videos, activities in the real world and other things kids can try on their own. Hands-on activities will let the students take what they are learning outside of the classroom.

The topics page will allow you to see the 148 websites and 528 activities available! With so much to learn, there is no time to waste!

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