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Almost every child these days either owns a tablet or has one available for them to use.  They use them to play games, watch shows, and sometimes do school work.  Kids have no problem downloading free games and movies to fill their tablets.  When it comes to buying books however, it can be challenging for children to find free books.  Constantly having to ask for parental permission, searching through adult books, and waiting for books to download can discourage kids from using their tablets to read.  This is where Epic! can help.

Epic! Pros

This app features thousands of books that your kids will love.  The books are organized into easily searchable categories.  There is even a category called Read-to-Me that has audio along with the books for young or new readers.  While the books can be downloaded, they are usually read online so that there is no wait time while a book downloads.  As your child reads using Epic!, a reading log tracks their progress throughout books and a rewards program awards them with badges for meeting reading goals.  The badges also unlock different features that allow each child to customize what the app looks like when they are using it.

Epic! Cons

Right now the Epic! app is only available for iOS devices.  This means that it can only be used on Apple devices like iPads, iPhones, and iPods.  It also is not free for parents.  Currently, the app costs $4.99/month for access to all the books on the site.  However, that cost is per account, and multiple children can read books through the same account.  (It is free for educators so homeschooling families can register as a school to get a free account.)

Epic! Books

Thousands of books means that every child can find something to hold their interest.  Categories range from Adventure, Comics, or Mystery to History, Living Things, or Science and Nature.  The titles include many popular books like The Berenstain Bears and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs to classics like Gulliver’s Travels and Runaway Ralph.  Your child is sure to find something they will enjoy.

If you find that your child is using their tablet only to play games and watch movies, you may want to invest in a subscription to Epic!  Encourage your child to read more each day with their great selection of interesting books and the fun rewards they can earn!

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