Engrade – Keeping Parents Informed and Involved II


As discussed in SchoolRack – Keeping Parents Informed and Involved, maintaining consistent communication with teachers and parents can be a challenge for educators and a struggle for parents. Engrade is another excellent and free online resource to make this goal more achievable.

The Online Classroom Community

Engrade is a completely free, private, secure, and easy to use set of online tools that allow educators to manage their classes online while providing real-time web-based class information to parents and students 24/7. Engrade is currently being used by over 8000 schools and 150,000 teachers.

As an elementary teacher, I found it most useful for my students and parents to link to my Engrade page from my Schoolrack page. As you can see here, I listed step-by-step instructions for parents and students directly on my Schoolrack website.

Engrade offers free, safe, and secure tools for teachers, administrators, students and parents.

Teacher Tools

  • Gradebooks customizable to your exact grading system
  • Classroom calendars for files, homework, and events
  • Printable Progress Reports, available anytime, anywhere
  • Online attendance books
  • Secure online messaging

Additional Administrator Tools

  • A web-based messaging system to connect with teachers
  • Access to grades, attendance and citizenship for any students in any class

Parent and Student Tools

  • Online access to upcoming homework, assignments, scores, grades, and attendance
  • Secure, private messaging

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