End of School Year Activities

As the school year comes to a close, parents are always interested in memorable activities that will help kids leave on a positive note with fond memories of a great year.

time capsule

Building a Time Capsule

Time capsules can be done a variety of ways.  You can collect items of importance throughout the year to share with kids at the end of the year and spend time reviewing and reminiscing about what was learned throughout the year while creating the time capsule for safekeeping in a special place.  It is always a point of interest to show your collection of “time capsules” gathered over the years.

Creating a Classroom Quilt

Making a classroom quilt,  kids can work together to design the theme for their quilt patches.  This is done on muslin squares with crayon that is then ironed with special paper to preserve the pictures. Over the summer months, I sew the squares together and finish the quilt.  When they return for “Meet & Greet Day”,  they always stop by my room to see how the finished quilt turned out.

Student Picture Video

Making a picture video of all of the activities the kids have done throughout the year is a fun activity for the last day of school.  You can put together the slide show in a program like PowerPoint or Microsoft Movie Maker for a last day of school party.  You could even use various websites like Animoto or Picasa Web to upload your pictures and have the pictures move to the beat of the music.

Autograph/Memory Books        

A fun craft activity for the end of the school year is to make autograph or memory books. A memory book takes an autograph book one step further by including photographs, drawings, or even previous assignments or projects as part of the book.  The memory book could even be considered a scrapbook and you can use the scrapbook materials from the crafting stores.  These books are something that students can cherish for years to come.  ABC Teach has a few templates to choose from to make these booklets.

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