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Episode 17 – July 12, 2010

Feature of the Week

  • Steps Plus Program
    • The Southern Oregon Education Service District will be opening STEPS Plus, for students with severe special needs.
    • Will meet the needs of students with high sensory needs and other behavioral and cognitive disabilities.
    • Using special education teachers and aide, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, autism specialists and psychologists.

#Hashtag Talk

  • Transforming education reform from discussion to action, #edchat =  echo chamber, what to do?
  • Paraphrased from Reform Vs. Transform – Tom Whitby
    • Technology viewed as separate from education, debate its place. Will technology ever take the place of the teacher? All of this stalls any forward movement to change.
    • Technology is ubiquitous, affects most of what we do – health, transportation, entertainment, manufacturing, communication, appliances, and leisure time… No debates, questions. We never halted progress by questioning if  technology would replace people.
    • Tech is a tool, a literacy, the platform our children must use to earn a livelihood. “Our children need to have skills that use the technologies that are ubiquitous in our society /the world. Educators do not need to teach technology, but they need tech to teach.”
    • Whitby suggests we must first educate the educators how they can maintain relevance.

Watch and Learn

  • What Teachers Make
    • Slam poetry session about teachers
    • Talks about what they make children do
    • The passion that teachers should have in giving students the best education

Teach This

  • Teachers must build a personal brand online: as an eportfolio, a means of employment, a presence
  • Blogger Stats
    • Teachers who use Blogger for classroom blogs or PLNs
    • Can now track stats and visitor traffic
    • It will tell you which posts get the most visits and what sites send traffic to your blog.
    • Can help better target your audience


  • 3 Informational E-Books for Teachers and Educators
    • The Beginner’s Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning
    • Podcasts Made Simple
    • Professional Learning Networks

So, What Do You Know?

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