Educational Stylings – “You Can’t Be My Teacher”

As children are continually being exposed to the Internet and technology at a younger and younger age, it is important that as educators, we have the knowledge and experience that is necessary to help them use these tools in the best way possible. Kids are getting smarter and they know that in order to succeed in the world and in their future, they are going to need to know how to properly use the technology that surrounds them.

In this video, a child offers many thought-provoking questions and comments towards educators and teachers. Appropriately named “You Can’t Be My Teacher”, this video was made with intent to start a discussion, which it should with any group of educators. There are two major viewpoints on this video. Books and traditional resources that we use in classrooms still remain important and relevant, but the addition of technology is necessary.

One YouTube user commented

I agree with the idea that students should have access to technology, but I disagree with the focus feeling as though it is entirely on technology.”

As educators, we need to constantly be learning about the latest and greatest when it comes to technology so that we can prepare our children for the future, but it is important that we use the basic and fundamental teachings that have been successful for many years.

Others are in total agreement with the “harsh” words from the child. Another user writes

As their parents, educators, & mentors…it IS our responsibility to be educated & aware of technological advances, in order to help them prepare for the world & to keep up to speed.”

No matter how you react to this video, I think there is a common conclusion that can be drawn. Technology, as rapidly and quickly as it is improving and evolving, is something that must be incorporated into today’s schooling. Traditional lessons and books are just as important and should be used with technology to offer the best of both worlds and prepare children for the future.

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