Educational Hi-Tech Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner. Most kids these days want some form of technology for Christmas.  The good news is that you can find gifts that are both technological and educational for children of all ages.  Here are a few technology filled gift ideas for you.

The Nabi Tablet

Nabi has several tablets suitable for all ages of children.  The tablets have a program called Wings that is especially designed to help children learn.  They offer over 16,000 lessons that cover math, reading, and writing skills.  The lessons also come with videos and tutorials by classroom teachers.

Boogie Board

These awesome boards are a low tech item that kids will love to use.  They use a stylus to write on the LCD screen and then can press a button on the top to erase the writing.  These would be perfect for planning a writing assignment, working on math problems, or practicing handwriting.

Handheld Digital Microscope

Increase your child’s interest in science with this miniature digital microscope.  It is easy for even young children to use.  A child just holds the device over whatever object they want to magnify.  They can also record video or take pictures of the magnified object.

LeapFrog Reading and Writing System

The LeapReader helps young children to build their reading and writing skills through phonics and reading comprehension.  You can also get books for the system that teach math concepts and provide handwriting practice.

Even if all your child wants is new technology for Christmas, you can give yourself peace of mind by at least making sure that the technology is educational.  What other gadgets do you use to help your child learn?

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