Education Today and Tomorrow

When some people think of education, their minds tend to create a picture of students lined up in rows at desks learning from a teacher and a chalkboard.

Fortunately, for most people in the education field today, this perception has changed.

This video, called “Education Today and Tomorrow” was created by Tom Woodward of Henrico County schools in Virginia. Tom used the work of Karl Fisch who created a PowerPoint using different quotes and statistics from “flat world” thinking.

The basis of this video is to emphasize what we are teaching these days. Traditionally, children have been taught to be on time, listen to authority and take orders from their educators. With the world rapidly changing, we should have a different way of teaching.

Instead of teaching them about the jobs and careers they can work towards, we should be teaching them the skills they actually need to get there. We should be teaching students new things in addition to the traditional material.

We should be showing them that learning happens everywhere and at any given time. With technological advances, the Internet is becoming this “real world” for many people. They can do almost anything that you can do face to face.

By combining technology and academia, we can prepare children to adapt for the future.

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