Easter Activities at Home

Most children will be celebrating Easter with a long weekend.  However, this doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop.  There are many activities on and offline that you can do at home that combine Easter, learning, and fun.  Even if you are a family who does not celebrate Easter, children enjoy learning about other cultural and religious beliefs.


Online Easter Puzzles

The Kidz Page has many online Easter puzzles and activities for children.  These games, geared for elementary aged children, include puzzles, Sudoku, mahjong, word searches, matching, crosswords, and other logic-based games.  These would be a great challenge on Easter morning to play with each other online while learning Easter vocabulary and problem solving skills.  There site also has Easter printables including paper word searches, color pages, and even clip art.

High-tech Egg Coloring

A traditional Easter activity for families is dying hard boiled eggs, which has now become a high-tech creative project.  Paas, the major Easter egg dying company, has so many new ways to enjoy this fun activity.  New technology has allowed for many different types of egg dying activities including faster dying and kits, wrap kits, tattoo kits, 3d colors, painting, stickers, neon colors, sand art, beads, sparkles, and tie die.  To learn more about dying Easter eggs and egg activities for home fun, Paas also has a Facebook page where users can upload their photos of their eggs, and an iPad app which allows you to die and share virtual Easter eggs.

Learning about Easter Traditions

Besides Easter baskets, the Easter bunny, and dying Easter eggs, it is also important for children to learn about the reasons why we celebrate Easter and how those fun traditions evolved over time and across cultures.  There are several online resources that are written and designed specifically for children to learn about the death and resurrection of Jesus, why the day of Easter changes every year, and its connection with spring.  Also children can explore the various ways that different countries celebrate Easter around the world.

Peeps in Places

While searching for educational sites to for children to explore and learn more about Easter, I came a across a silly site sponsored by The National Geographic called “Peeps in Places”.  Viewers were encouraged to take photos of the popular Easter treat, Peeps, in various geographical locations.  Some users have even dressed up the Peeps to coordinate with their location.  These silly photos, with captions of the locations, can be a springing off point for children to learn more about the various different locations.  What a great way to learn about geography!

This Easter weekend incorporate fun activities for learning with your children.

Article By Laura Ketcham-VanHellemont

Picture By S.P. (Pandacan, Manila / JC, NJ)

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